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Engage and connect, companies opt for Impact Events

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Working for a company that has impact? Joining forces with partners who are working sustainably? Or coming across as a client to a company of which you know it is consciously socially committed?

☑️ Check ☑️ check ☑️ check!

The importance of impactful business is only increasing. And with good reason! In the coming weeks and months, we will therefore be setting up Impact Events with lots of companies and organisations. Ranging from nature related activities to litter campaigns, river clean-ups or inspiration sessions in schools to bushcrafting and assisting in a care farm.

We offer a wide range of Impact Events. Even more: as we always opt for customisation, we are constantly expanding. Important note: it is so much more than just a teambuilding or client event. This is social participation! And an ideal "binding agent" between people.

Discover all our services here.


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