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Choose your Nature Pass

... and bring out the best in yourself and your team

Compare your Nature Pass to a fitness membership and come recharge your batteries. Not in the gym, but in our country's most beautiful and wildest nature, our Hoge Kempen National Park. Create impact.  Experience nature as you have never seen it before. And don't forget the fun factor!

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1. Experience our Nature Experiences

Our Rangers know the National Park inside out and will take you and your team on an exclusive tour.

We offer 5 types of "Experiences". Ranging from a true "deep dive" into hidden nature over pure wellbeing to a scientific tour covering climate change. And yep, there is also a tour coupled with a tasty beer tasting.

2. Create impact together

With your Nature Pass, you automatically create social impact and co-invest in our country's most beautiful nature.                                                                                                   

You contribute in three areas: more biodiversity, more facilities (such as benches and water points) and more nature for everyone, e.g. wheelchair users or people on a limited income.

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3. Become an official ambassador 

By taking a Nature Pass, your company also becomes an ambassador of our country's cleanest nature park.

And you don't become an ambassador for just one day. We make sure your whole company stays involved, so you can expect updates regularly. This is how you keep your impact story top-of-mind.

4. Communicate your impact story

Highlight your ambassadorship in your communications. After all, this is how you create real impact - locally and very tangible - and that is worth to be known.

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5. Hospitality at its best

A Nature Pass... is about creating impact, getting inspired and recharging your batteries. But it is definitely fun too! The National Park stands for conviviality, hospitality and a tasty refreshment.

And how about these options...
Nature in a Box

Offer your employees, clients or relations a portion of nature experience in a box. This Nature Box contains, for example, entrance tickets for (family) attractions in the National Park, cycling and walking maps, ... This way you can discover the National Park on your own with your family. A perfect business gift!

€25 / Box ( excl. VAT.)

Afbeelding6 copy.png
Your own strong nature project

Would you like to support an exclusive and very special nature project? And also link your company name and values to it? Well, the National Park is working on a number of dream projects, which it is putting up in collaboration with committed partners. These are not one shots, but special nature projects in which we involve you entirely.

Budget: customised

Geldig voor 1 jaar en verlengbaar. Prijzen excl. Btw.

Inspiring keynote speakers

Be inspired by impressive keynote speakers who establish the link between business and our planet. One of them is Ignace Schops, driving force of the National Park, winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize (Green Nobel Prize) and member of Al Gore's Climate Leadership Corps.

Budget: customised

Now that you know what a Nature Pass has to offer, the choice is up to you!
45 €/pp or € 3.600 (excl. VAT)

4 Nature Experiences for a total of 80 participants over

1 year + all other benefits

50 €/pp or € 3.000
(excl. VAT)

3 Nature Experiences for a total of 60 participants over

1 year + all other benefits

65 €/pp or € 2.600
(excl. VAT)

2 Nature Experiences for a total of 40 participants over

1 year + all other benefits

These Nature Passes are an exclusive product of

Forest Fwd and the Hoge Kempen National Park

Contact us & experience nature like never before

+32 477 42 83 13

+32 478 84 42 45


Purpere heide-136_© Rudi van Beek.jpg
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