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At Forest Fwd, we strive to connect the world of ecology, biodiversity and local nature with that of businesses, whether big or small. And in the process, everyone wins. Our story began as a start-up creating company forests. Today we are a sustainability partner offering a wide variety of nature and forest projects. Check out our offerings below.

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Forest and nature creation

Along with many companies, we are creating many new forests throughout Belgium. And we also have the Netherlands in our sights. We do this both for voluntary afforestation and for compulsory afforestation.

Company forests

An increasing number of companies are consciously deciding to have their own forest. Not on the other side of the world, but close to home. Acquiring your own forest as a company serves a social purpose. But it is also interesting as an HR tool, for your clients, your reputation, etc.

We offer possibilities for every profile and budget. Just tell us how many trees or acres you want and we will take care of the rest. On top of that, we unburden you completely. We find the land, arrange all the administration work and organise the entire planting process, making it a real event for every company. We also provide press communication and social media images.

Once your company forest has been planted, we take care of its maintenance and management with a professional team. So, you don't have to worry about anything, you can have all the fun.

And would you like to give your forest another personal touch? That's possible too!  Ask about our personalised tree benches and picnic benches, or bee and insect hotels in the shape of your company logo.

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Forest compensation

We also provide solutions when it comes to forest compensation. After all, ambition, growth and expansion are deeply rooted in the DNA of every entrepreneur. And sometimes, as a company, this forces you to intervene in nature by having to deforest a certain area.

We don't want to turn a blind eye. So, we approach forest compensation in such a way that everyone benefits, including nature. Forest Fwd is a one-stop-shop to arrange the necessary forest compensation quickly, efficiently and correctly. We look for suitable land, arrange your case, provide the necessary assistance and try to regain support.

Local nature adoption

Besides creating new nature, it is very important to value existing fauna and flora. Preferably even the gems within walking distance of your business. And then it comes down to proper and intelligent management of local forests and parks, or already existing nature. That remains a challenge in our country. "Nature adoption" is the answer to this.

As a company, you can help support and improve nature in your immediate area. Get involved in construction, maintenance and management and make a positive statement to the whole neighbourhood, your clients, suppliers, etc.

Especially for those companies located in an urbanised setting, we look for local gems so that you can help doing your bit. Each time, we ensure that you can really put your typical company values into that local nature. For example, tailor-made activities are organised in various nature adoption projects and it is perfectly possible to hold meetings, teambuilding sessions or job interviews in your own patch of nature.

Forest Fwd is so much more than just "planting trees". It is all about the experience. As a company you want to do something that "sticks" with your stakeholders. Something that makes them proud every day. We can help you do that by organising impactful events and experiences.

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Impact events


It is more than often customised, but you can certainly count on us for this:

  • Plogging actions: collect litter while walking or jogging and make your team cooperate in a super meaningful way. Forest, City or Beach... you decide!

  • Sustainable keynotes: book inspiring speakers with tons of experience on topics such as sustainability, impactful business, ecology and so many other topics that truly matter.


  • Social teambuilding: connect in a meaningful way! Book a teambuilding session that is not just teambuilding but does create connection and satisfaction because together you tackle the most diverse social needs in a very concrete way.

  • Working with nature : join professional nature workers and go home with the feeling that you never achieved so much social impact before.


Green Scan

You have some free space around your business and want to see how you can fill it in in a more ecologically valuable way? We examine the possibilities and actions to be taken to create a valuable patch of greenery on your available space.

Think about it... Would your business have more appeal if your company would be surrounded (wild) flowers? Or if bees and butterflies passing through could stop in your company's backyard? On every site, you can find opportunities that add ecological value and put your company in the spotlight positively. We take care of the technical screening and propose a follow-up programme tailored to your company.

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Scans, analyses & reports


CO2 footprint & action plan

How much CO2 does your company emit and what can you do about it? We answer that question in our CO2 scan and accompanying action plan. No analysis without also suggesting relevant (and objective) measures to reduce or neutralise those emissions. This involves having a closer look at the low-hanging fruit and short-term actions. But it goes without saying that you are also offered a longer-term vision.


Sustainability report

Via our partner, we can help large companies communicate transparently about their ESG performances through a sustainability report, also called a CSR report or non-financial report. Our partner absolutely possesses all the know-how and experience to support you in this according to the highest standards. What's more, they do not only have strong content, but also know how to get things done.

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