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New in our country: recharge your batteries with a Nature Pass

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

For the first time in our country, companies can take a Nature Pass for their employees. You could compare it to a (company) fitness membership or team building, where companies offer their employees the opportunity to recharge their batteries. Not in the gym, but in our country's most beautiful nature. And with professional rangers in their wake, providing a really strong impact and experience.

The Nature Pass is a new concept, something of which a similar equivalent can be found in countries such as Costa Rica, but Forest Fwd and the Hoge Kempen National Park tailored the concept entirely to Belgian business. Therefore, both organisations entered into an exclusive partnership to bring economy and ecology another step closer together.

What it comes down to concretely is that companies taking a Nature Pass take their employees along on a sustainable path, both consciously and concretely. "You could compare it to a fitness membership or team building, but with a lot more impact and social added value", explains Dajo Hermans of Forest Fwd.

Giving back to society, it is one of the issues that companies are focusing on more than ever in 2023. Giving something meaningful back to society, you might say. Another key word that is also regularly mentioned is "wellbeing". "It's about people reconnecting and occasionally being able to take one step back to take two forward again. And there is a lot of need for that."

What is included in a Nature Pass? "Our Rangers take you on a few tours through the National Park several times a year. Thereby, they will have the choice between five types of nature experiences" says Frank Missoul of Forest Fwd. "From a true 'deep dive' into hidden nature to a scientific tour on climate change. And yes, there is also a tour combined with a tasty beer tasting."

Moreover, through your membership you support one of the many challenging nature projects, ranging from making hiking trails in the National Park more accessible, to restoring biodiversity, to installing extra water points. On top of that, every company with a membership automatically becomes an ambassador. "Which makes sense," says Frank Missoul. "Because you really do create impact as a company this way. Very concrete and tangible."



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