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Make sustainability happen.
Close to home. And impactful.

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Generating real impact

We make sustainability happen, really happen. As nature and forest project experts, we ensure that the umbrella term "sustainability" gets a concrete and local meaning.


We are the link between business on the one hand and innovative nature and forest projects on the other hand. What can you expect from us? Achievable projects that fit your sustainable story, and that you can experience with every sense. Such as the creation of your own corporate forest, for example. 

Our projects are close to home, tailored to your business, and solution-oriented. After all, creating real impact is done with a Sustainability Partner who turns words into action.

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10 Good Reasons Why


"Everyone is nowadays talking about socially responsible entrepreneurship. With Forest Fwd you simply do it. Not words, but actions! And everyone can enjoy it."

Frank Missoul, Co-founder Forest Fwd

“As a company, you have a reputation to uphold. And preferably a sustainable one. But be aware that being sustainable involves so much more than simply planting trees. It's about the tangible connection with the outside world. We provide that."

Dajo Hermans, Co-founder Forest Fwd

Frank Missoul


Dajo Hermans


Dorien Gysens

Sustainability Projects Manager

Arnout Cogen


Forest Fwd partners with United Experts Group, a knowledge network specialised in everything related to forest and nature management, climate and agriculture, for example. The group boasts more than 25 years of experience, counts more than 300 ecologists and bio-engineers, and carries out more than 6,000 projects across Belgium every year.

Our clients are our best references

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* This is a selection of our clients. Of course, we also highly appreciate those not mentioned here.

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Stop scrolling and start creating impact!

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