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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Fan-tas-tic! That's the only way we can describe the past planting season. Several tens of thousands of trees have been planted in recent months, spread across all provinces. And all of this with the great help, support and commitment of companies such as ALD Automotive, Cegeka, Century 21, DELA, DKV-ERGO, Satellic, Deloitte, Evolta, Toyota Motor Europe, Volvo Trucks, Azull, De Groote-De Man, Visma Yuki, Studio Pharma, Solvay, Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, Scoptvision, All Belgian Recycling, and so many others.

It is amazing to be able to achieve this together. And above all: it is unbelievable to experience the great commitment, sincerity and interest among these many companies. Now that the trees are in the ground, the company forests and nature have been created, there is only one thing we can and will continue to say: this is only the beginning. Or as Ilham Kadri, ceo of Solvay, told us, "We must not only talk, we must above all act and keep doing!" At Forest Fwd, it's all about that: about making an impact and continuing to make an impact. On to the sustainable journey!

So, in the coming months, we will continue to go full throttle. Creating nature = connecting people. More than ever! Are you interested in seeing how together we can make sustainability tangible? Let us know! The coffee is ready!


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